21 April 2014

Happy Food List

Here is a little happy food list - Happy Monday everyone.

What was the last thing you ate? Vietnamese, glass noodle salad with spicy beef rolls - we had been biking around and enjoyed the warm weather all day- stopped by Damtor a train station in Hamburg where we wanted to buy some spaghetti for tonight. The sky opened up and it started to rain so my man suggested we sit down and have some Vietnamese food. It was pretty good - I think mainly because of the good company.

Your last meal, if you could choose? See above - don't want to change that.

Best meal at a restaurant? This is almost impossible to answer. And I think I would answer differently if asked the same question again. But maybe at L'Escargot in Paris with my man - we were broke, drunk and had just finished a picnic with baguette, cheese and cheap wine when we decided to got out around 2' o clock in the morning and say what the hell - let's have a steak & frites at the local restaurant just around the corner of the apartment I lived in. The perfect Paris night.

Favorite snack? Ice Cream ...

What caused your most recent hangover? Wine, Gin tonics and Moscow Mules when we went on a spontaneous trip to a Club called Golem a few weeks ago with my man's great bunch of friends. Loved every bit of it and loved going out in Hamburg - can't wait to go again!

Food you always have in your fridge? Eggs, butter, lemons, milk, yoghurt, cheese, onions and garlic. 

What’s for dinner tonight? My man is making his famous spaghetti with meatballs in tomatoe sauce. I assume it will be epic.

Food you hate? can't think of anything - I really dislike. Tinned tuna never eat that, and these pasta dishes at the supermarket that are ready made. Oh - yeah and papaya fruit - shit I really don't like that one.

Favourite dessert? Everything with chocolate, berries, nuts, ice cream, fruits - I am fur sure more a dessert than a starters person.

A typical elementary school lunch? Rye bread with pork paté and fresh sliced cucumber on the side. A typical Norwegian Lunch Box.

What’s the weirdest thing in your fridge? 1 bag of Mayonnaise and 1 bag of Ketchup from McDonalds. They are there because of sentimental reasons I think. At lest my man says I am not allowed to throw them out.

What's in your vegetable drawer? Onion, Carrots, Garlic and a lonely banana. I just came home after a few days away.

Best place for grocery shopping? Trader Joe's in NYC because it wa sso much fun. Netto in Copenhagen because that is something I miss at the moment - Rimi in Oslo because they have stuff I can't get anywhere else. The Turkish Market at Mayback Ufer in Berlin is a killer as well in the summer time.

Who can eat off your plate? Everyone who lets me eat of theirs I guess.

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