23 April 2014

Public Coffee Roasters // Hamburg

We got back from Jutland Sunday night, after spending the Easter Holidays in my man's hometown - it was nice to enjoy an extra day off on the Monday at home in Hamburg - it's always nice to see family but we are so busy always so having a day off without plans for ourselves is pretty nice for a change as well.

I am following a few coffee blogs and I read about this new place that opened up last week. Public Coffee Roasters - a third wave coffee place with what seams like high ambitions when it comes to serving fine coffee. They also have their own webshop here.
And their opening hours are decent - Monday to Friday: 08:00 - 19:00 and Saturday and Sunday 10:00 - 16:00.

They are located in Neustadt which is an area we haven't been that much - and we were positively surprised - it was such a nice atmosphere. The Coffee was amongst the better ones we have had in Hamburg - if not actually the best by now so this is our new favourite coffee spot I guess.
We sat outside in the sun and enjoyed great weather and they also serve small sweet and savory things to eat. We had the classic pain au chocolate which was super nice and I ate a yoghurt with raspberries - fresh and tasty as well.

Thanks for the good coffee - I will definitely spread the word. 
Facebook link here.