18 March 2014

I was hit by a skaterboarder

6 days ago - on my way home on my bike - I was hit by a skateboarder and fell on my head. There was blood, a broken bag, an ambulance, three small stitches, my worried man and a big mac menu bought in a cab on our way through the McDonald's Drive Through.

It could have been worse - I know that. All in all it was a good experience, because there were a bunch op people who stopped and took care of calling the ambulance, the police - gave me tissue papers and asked me if I was ok. Minor detail was that the skateboarder made a hit & run - if you are out there you are pretty much what I would call a coward - or just simply an imbecile skateboarding on the wrong side of the road - oh well I guess that makes you normal - cause they like doing that in H-town ...

I have been to work, I even went to Copenhagen for the weekend - needed to fell the love and warmth of dear friends who know me well enough not to bother me with stupid helmet and insurance issues. Hugs and glad you are well comments suits my mood a lot better right now.

The weekend was nice, filled with taco's, walks by the lake, hugs by a small man in stripes I really like but never see, homemade breakfast and normal things, everyday social activities - I do miss out in in H-town but so easily just bump into when being home in K-town. I had coffee - cardamom buns, cream tops and cheese rolls ... I bought beautiful light bulbs ridiculously cheap compared to here and enjoyed squeezing my mans hand when the bumpy air plane ride was at it's best.

I am fine - it does piss me off that I will have to get a new bike - because the first one got stolen / the second one hit by a skateboard so hard the back wheel is making funny noises and is all crocked. Some might say it is a sign - keep of the bike lanes, but I love to bike and I love that feeling of freedom it gives me and did I mention I am fine ?!

A new bike, a new era - hope you will enjoy the ride. Keep safe out there.