24 March 2014

Happy Go Lucky List

A positive list - what makes me really happy a the moment.

#1 - Spring is around the corner - and because my hamburg bike is now broken I have to walk to the station in teh morings but it is such a nice walk - where I hear birds singing and there are suprisingly many people out there so early.

#2 - we are sawing up for a coach and at least we have fallen in love with one now which we both like. Now we are just waiting for a sale or something to push the price down a bit.

#3 - Esra Røise makes great illustrations and I wish for one for my birthday - link to her webshop here. I would love to have it up on the wall.

#4 - I have rediscovered the beauty of fried eggs - sunny side up. I love eggs. Photo borrowed from Hjartesmil.

#5 - Stockholm here I come - this weekend. Fika, walking, meeting special people I have not seen in years and just hang out in S-Town.

#6 - That we cleaned and polished our little home on starurday so nothing stood in the way of a real proper lazy sunday.

#7 - The new lamp which will hang over our bed - bought the parts dead cheap in Copenhagen and nothing broke on the way home. Hello new lamp.

#8 - Eating Greek yoghurt with kiwi's in the morning - so tasty. 

#9 - Watching 300 at a beautiful movie theater: Savoy in 3D with crazy Dolby Surround and ice cream and popcorn and M&M's on a friday night and it was real late when we got home.