22 October 2013

Hana Pesut

These portraits were the couples swap clothes are absolutely brilliant. A photographer called Hana Pesut is the master behind them and I absolutely love them. They basically made my day. My favourite is the bottom one - where the swap feels more real than the original one!!!

I have been without internet the last week. So that explains the non exciting blog entries ... Oops once upon a time I promised no more excuses - simply silence when I didn't have the time - oh the Men in Black thingy do your magic.

Anyways I am on holiday - two whole freaking weeks off. I spent my Monday in bed watching horrible german TV, it says it all that I basically ended up zapping between Animal Discovery, where they were showing a documentary on Pelicans and The Pirates of The Caribbean in German. Perfect day to set the standard of these days off. Happy Tuesday. 

Photos found here
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