12 May 2013

Findorff Farmers Marked.

I am telling you Bremen has a few cards up it's sleeve -
There is a great weekend treat in Bremen - well to be precise there is a treat every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 08.00 - 14.00 in Findorff at the - Findorff Farmers Marked.

This is by far the best farmers marked I have ever been too and it has become a weekend tradition when I am in town too stop by, get some flowers, fresh fish and vegetables mostly grown locally. The people here are authentic and the prices are reasonable. At the moment there is asparagus season - I'll wait a bit longer because the prices are still killing me, but just wait in a few weeks I'll be eating german asparagus every day - for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I got amazing rhubarbs though and - I if I may say so myself, kicked ass with that rhubarb porridge with Quark yesterday - another really good German treat.

I love food markeds - buying cheese straight from the cheese maker, bread at the baker and fresh flowers at the florist - just makes my day. When you ask them something - they actually do have all the answers. When I took my man here the first time - we had "Gr√ľnnkohl & Pinkel" - a typical northern dish - heavy, savory sausages in a green cabbage casserole - we just died and went to heaven. It tasted so much like home. There is even a little espresso piaggio - with a lady who actually serves an okey coffee. For Bremen standards - it is off the moon. Sorry for the poor quality of my photo's - but at least you get a pretty good impression of how authentic this place is.

Come visit me - and I'll show you myself!