07 April 2013

Sunday Feeling - my new room ...

Todays positive happy post is a glimpse of my room in Bremen - where I live at the moment simultaneously as I live in Berlin with my man. A few snap shots of my room, "IKEA' fied" to the max but hey what can I say I do love those Swedes. I am trying to make it more personal - so a few fresh flowers and I am saving up for a new HAY chair - that will be cracking !

This weekend has been really nice - I had a great friday night, where I spontaneously went by myself to a concert before heading over to a friend to have some wine. I spent the entire yesterday outside in the sun and today I am sitting in the sofa relaxing with tea, movies and feeling slightly guilty for not being outside because the weather is stunning today as well. If I had been in Berlin or Copenhagen or Munich or where ever I would have gone for a walk, had a coffee to go somewhere and found a bench and sat in the sun. Here in Bremen my Terrace is just as good - because my own coffee beats everything for miles compared to the stuff they serve in this city.

Next weekend my man is coming - happy happy week everyone!