07 April 2013

Mercedes Hernáez & Alejandro Sticotti at Freundevonfreunden

I would love to disappear into this universe for a while. A few weeks and just lye on the sofa with my man and look around the apartment - I am sure there is enough to discover to last me for weeks and weeks. 

My mood is better - but I am not quite there yet but this weekend was really nice. But sundays are the worst I think, they are just filled with anxiousness for the coming week, I am longing for my man and this sunday my body couldn't decide if it was aching and sick or just simply tired. I have decided for the last option - I am fit for fight! 

I fell in love with this beauty of an appartment - 
All photos are humbly borrowed from FreundevonFreunden a blog I hadn't visited for a while. Please also read the fantastic interview: here.
The photographer is: Ana Armendariz.