03 February 2013

Wolfram Eckert by freundevonfreunden

When I saw these - I was like, well this is for sure the koolest guy I will lay my eyes on this year and I felt an urge to do a fashion editorial inspired from it. The light of the photos reminded me of a soft much more packed version of Maria Siegelböck and after reading the interview I simply felt like sharing these little quotes with you in combination with my favourite shots. 

Do yourself a favour and read the entire interview at freundevonfreunden 

"If your place would be a song, what would be its name?
"This Must Be The Place" by Talking Heads."

"Is there something you always wanted to du but never done it?
No, not really. When I look at Felix Baumgartner I think, "what an idiot?" I even put my seatbelt on nowadays..."

Photos made by: Lukas Gansterer and the interview is made by: Nathalie Halgand - Read and see the entire thing at freundevonfreunden