28 January 2013


On my last day in Berlin - before heading to the south of Germany where I had my first introduction week at my new job, I showed my man this absolutely breathtaking and great place to eat cinnamon roles (they are from "Zeit für Brot" - enough said), have good coffee, read great design and fashion magazines for free (one can buy them as well) and with cute - way too friendly for Berlin standards staff. I introduce to you: westberlin.

The atmosphere is a great mixture of design furniture from amongst others Eames and Hay - just see the beautiful chairs! Mixed with British and German vibes. For a Designer - it fills me with such great joy to see how much emphasize they have put into the smalles interiour details. Even the bathrooms are filled with clever detailing. This is great work - it is a media - coffee shop - in such an funny area, it just screams at you when you walk buy. The fact that I was served a cinnamon roll which was close to perfection a decent flat white just made me want to move in - right away.

Dear westberlin - I think you are one  of my top three favourite place in Berlin and I miss you to bits and can't wait to see you again soon.