27 January 2013

Hello there - where have you been?

When something significant and slightly stressful happen in my life - my blog is simply neglected - you can actually say it is for your best, because this blog would have been filled with stressed out, moaning blog post filled with adrenaline and nervousness if I had got my stuff together over the past few weeks - and who wants that ?!

What is happening in my world at the moment is fun but also exhausting. I have started a new job and am currently working for a medium sized, commercial fashion company in Bremen as a Flash designer and Creative buyer. What I do for a living has never been a big theme on this blog and this will not change but I will share with you guys some of my new experiences, adventures and new places. This blog is about letting you guys know where to head out for a coffee, what fashion pieces just knocked me off my feet and happy little lifestyle things.

My darling favourite man is still in Berlin and now that I am living in both places: Bremen & Berlin I will be traveling back and forth quite a bit - hopefully enjoying the best of both places.

I had never been in Bremen before and I must say - it is a charming little city and the friendliness of people has just knocked me off my feet. It is the 10th city in Germany when it comes to size and population so we are talking about a smaller city. No subway but trams and busses and they often even wait for each other - how cool is that?!

I will get a bike to get around with - when the weather gets milder and am currently looking for a shared flat in the area called "Viertel" - the youngest and most urban part of town. At the moment my biggest fear is that the 3rd wave coffee culture thing has passed the Bremen population completely - so next time I am in Berlin I must buy another Aeropress and some decent coffee - because what they serve here is horrific. If you happen to know about a good coffee place - do let me know. When I have asked around people have suggested Starbucks, enough said - that kind of sets the level I guess.

Enjoy the ride - and I might even get back to posting a blog entry every once in a while.

Inspiration Photos borrowed from different places, I simply cannot remember the exact links :( Do not hesitate to contact me if you own the photo rights and have a problem with them being here - I will remove them immediately.