24 October 2012


A great blog tip if you speak german - I guess if you don't, google translate can be a pretty good help and the pictures on this blog are pretty nice as well so you might want to check it out either way.

Journelles is founded by Jessica WeiƟ, one of the original people behind the other German blog les mads - which she choose to leave a while back. The fact that she finally started something of her own made me super happy because this girls has drive and journelles suits my mood so well. It is fun, doesn't take itself too seriously and the fashion is a good mix between affordable and high end I wish I was Rockefeller pieces - after seeing this little clip which Jessica in Berlin made by H&M life I fell in love even more.

Below is the great clip and furthermore a few photos of this very charming creature that makes fashion journalism fun and easy going ! I adore this girl - photos and clip borrowed from journelles - read more at -  journelles 

Jessica I want to work with you - let's give it a go ?!