25 October 2012

California Breakfast Slam

This is actually a little secret. I guess I'll share it with you because it is too good not to to brag about. The California Breakfast Slam is only open on the weekends and it was pure love on first sight or shall I say bite? No link for you guys though but it shouldn't be to hard to search the world wide wed for some relevant information.

Their concept is great - small menu, it changes a little every week I have heard and it's californian food. Which is pretty amazing because I am telling you it's authentic (this is coming from someone who was never in California). They are only open Saturday and Sunday and they keep moving around because they don't have their own place but borrow a restaurant or bar and then do their thing there. I guess if they can, they stay put for as long as they can. The food was beyond what I had expected and I practically didn't eat for the rest of that day because I was soo full when leaving this place and I can't wait to try out their other place Chicago Breakfast Slam. If you go be sure to try the Black Bean Huevos Rancheros - I could go on and on about the crispy cheesy tortilla on the bottom the superbly well made guacamole and the salsa verde - come on, the best meal I have had in a long time !