18 August 2012

bánh mì

Berlino is by far much more internationale than dear old Copenhagen when it comes to food  - although I must admitt I do miss Copenhagen pretty much every now and then - and yes I am getting old - and do urge for something more familiar every once in a while ...

The point is - while I am writing this post I am eating halal harribo gummibear - how Kool is that ? And I just discovered the Vietnamese - bánh mì - which is a French Baguette Sandwhich with yummy filling, like tofu and salantro and carrots and other crispy stuff.

We have had it at Co Co - see more here, a few times and it's lovely. 
Please try it - if you ever have the chance - I just recently found out that the Vietnamese comunity is huge in Berlin  - they have a place called the Dong Xuang Center - where you can get phô and other specialities and buy food, vegetables and glittery shoes.