20 February 2016

Iittala colab with Issey Miyake

I don't know a fashion designer in the world who do not have a soft spot for Issey Miyake. 
And anyone who would ever say so - is a shear liar. 

We  might not all go out an buy an item but there is a certain fascination. 
And if I were ever to buy a 100% Polyester dress - it would only be an Issey Miyake one - that's for sure. 

The architectural approach and simplicity is stunning. Having spent some time in the flagship store in Tokyo - being treated so well by an amazing and oh so serviceminded staff my love grew just bigger. 

I also have a week spot for Iittala - having had their Kastehelmi Cake plate for years after a sweet friend gave it to me for my birthday. I love serving cake on it because it is for me the symbol of a grand occasion. Not that I would ever have the whole set - but just one item is enough. 

When I saw this collaboration -  I felt like sharing. 
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