08 January 2016

Lenny Letter

The past months I have been really good at going to exhibitions, attending lectures and discussions and simply education myself and embracing some of my interest a little more.

The news that Lena Dunham will end the series Girls after next season might not come as a shock but I did feel a pinch of relief when I found out about this newsletter. Not that I have any doubt that we will not see and hear a lot more from her even though the Girls series is over.

Lenny Letter - a newsletter curated by Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner.
It's a website / newsletter circling around topics such as feminism, style, health, politics and friendship.

I just went through my mailbox and unsubscribed a bunch of stupid newsletters and deleted most of them and now only want the ones that make sense and teach me something. Maybe make me think and provoke me a little bit or make me sad or even happy. Maybe this is something that makes your everyday better as well?

Right now this is my favourite article.
Illustration below are borrowed form the website - Lenny Letter.

Link here.