16 November 2015

A few thought on this weekend -

Most of us I am sure felt a little off this weekend - I woke up on Saturday to the news of Paris and were luckily through facebook quickly able to localize the ones I know and made sure these people were safe. This is not going to be a post on Paris - right now I think people need to figure out for themselves how they feel and what their personal reaction and thoughts on all of this is - I also understand the frustration on why the media is going ballistic on this while not mentioning the conflicts where even more people are killed outside the western world - but fact is - this attack is not only towards Paris and it's population but merely on civilians. And we civilians need to spread more love and treat each other with more respect.

I decided to walk to a cafe nearby - as faith wanted without thinking so much about it I ordered a croissant and a cafe au lait and started to work on a workshop I am giving at my old university in a few weeks. I didn't even open up any of my browser windows and ended up leaving my phone in my bag - trying to focus on other things. I even read the Saturday paper - which mentioned nothing on Paris because it was probably printed before any of this hit the news.

I am on a mission at the moment talking to strangers and showing my surroundings that I am more open minded - and it went well. I spoke with the  sweetest mum's out for a stroll with their toddlers - the day after we had Ramen in Kødbyen at Warpigs - where Mikkeller and some Japanese guys have colaborated on a perfect Ramen for Copenhagen. They will open up a little restaurant / bar where they serve ramen and beer - you should check it out. The Ramen was nice - mild but nice.
We ended up sitting across this sweet Japanese Girl - who has lived in Denmark for around 11 years - so interesting to hear her point on the Ramen and talk about Japan.