15 October 2015

5 nice things on a Friday no wait Thursday ...

5 nice things on a Thursday - for a change. So much for traditions around here. 
Guess the Friday tradition just changed to Thursday.

It has been a rough week - an emotionally pretty bumpy one. 
The fall is filling Copenheaven with colorful leaves and windy weather and it is cold and grey but to be honest I enjoy this time of year a lot and this time around I feel I can really sense the change of season which I have missed so much. 

I spend hours at the library - sit at the window and work while I enjoy being left alone. 
I have morning coffee dates with sweet friends I am starting to get to know again, Skype dates while walking with sweet people who are now far away and dinner dates where people serve soup and lentils and healthy stuff to keep you fit through the winter. I feel like Scandinavians enjoy the shift of season much more and prepare themselves emotionally for a long winter differently than in Germany. 

Next week will be better - my mood will be up and running again. At least that is my aim. 

They just said through the speakers that the library is closing in 5 minutes - but if you are older than 15 you may stick around - just close the door behind you. Is this for real ?! I love being back here. 
If I ever get rich I will fund a library - such a great cultural hub. Where people from all over - no matter what age meet and just read the paper, check emails, drink coffee and sit together.

The photos below are images mostly from my Pinterest walls. I am starting to enjoy Pinterest more and more and while I am working on a project for some friends helping them out on A/W 16 - I am rediscovering it again. It's a great tool to sort out images and make simple and quick mood boards for several people to use at once. Love it !