01 January 2015

Summary List of 2014

2014 - it's a wrap.

According to this list which I made exactly one year ago. It must have been a good year 2014 because I can tick of almost all of these things.  My head is acing today and last nights new years bash was great fun - way too many bubbles but oh so much fun.

So here we go with the Summary List 2014 - hello 2015. 

Did you do anything in 2014 that you've never done before? 
I went to Bulgaria for work - and I discovered Chia seeds for breakfast. 
Funny that these things come to my mind first - nothing crazy but somehow important I guess. 

Was someone / some of your friends parents this year? 
Yes - Some of our friends are popping babies out like popcorn. 
It's great fun and we love them all to bits and enjoy hanging out with all of these toddlers but for now we also enjoy leaving again - hahahaha.

What countries did you visit? 
Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, UK, France, Italy, Denmark, Norway & Sweden. 
Is there anything you miss in 2014 that you would like to have in 2015? 
I would love to travel to a far away destination and enjoy a full holiday where the both of us are well.

What happening from 2014 will always be remembered? 
My grandfather died this year - it is for sure not a happening but it will be something I will remember this year for. 

What was your biggest career success? 
Working in a position like this would not have come to my mind a few years ago - the term "fake it til you make it" - with a dash of irony seams to work. I am hitting some boundaries at the moment and it will be exciting so see what comes in 2015. 

And your biggest achievement in private? 
Our little union here in Hamburg is growing stronger. We have built a home where we both feel has become a place where the door is always open, a place where we invite friends for food and good times and it is a place filled with a loads of love and affection - great days filled with meals and wine and where people like to hang out with us. It might be a small thing but for me this is something I am really really proud off. Our Home and all the memories it has created so far. 

Which songs will always remind you of 2014? 

Chet Faker - Gold from Hiro Murai on Vimeo.

Kiesza - Hideaway from Lam Ayik on Vimeo.

Happy-Pharell Williams from CocoZikoutre on Vimeo.
Were you happier or sadder this year compared to previous years? 
Happier - most definitely.
Last year was tense and at times quite tough - all the back and forth with living both in Bremen and Berlin. Sometimes when I get the train at night in Bremen I remember the feeling I had in my gut and I just missed my man so much I really don't want to have that feeling again. 
The decision we made last year to make a base in Hamburg was a good decision. 
I do miss Berlin though. Hamburg is nice but it is not the vivid, pulsation Berlin. It is the more like the secure and settled big sister - while Berlin is the young gun packed with people who just want to live life to the fullest and see and meet new things every day and I do love that. The energy is amazing and when we visited Berlin for some days this summer we enjoyed coming "home" so much. 
Were you in love this year?
Yes - same procedure as last year. Still going strong with my man. 

Best books you read this year?

Best movie you saw this year? 
It might not be the best - but the funniest and a real feel good one - everyone should see !!! 


The dish you ate mostly in 2014? 
Spaghetti Carbonara - no shame in that. 

Something you wished you and got?
A Sofa - our lovely, lovely sofa !

What did you do on your birthday in 2014?
We were in Berlin - woke up at the Michelberger Hotel which I love ! 
Then we had breakfast at chips - afterwords we walked around in Berlin and then we had coffee first at Concierge and afterwords we went to our favourite the lovely  five elephants where we had birthday
cheese cake. At night time we ate burgers at Tommi's burger joint and went to the sneak preview in Friedrickshain. All in all a happy - happy birthday !

Greatest wish right now? 
Ground myself - get back to basics. Sort out a few things 
I think I should get together. Some bigger and some smaller decisions. 

Is there anything that would have made ​​your year even better? 
No point in thinking about things like that - and all in all this has been a good year. 
but next year my five must do's are - 
#1. travel to a new place or two
#2. Have more guests over
#3. Explore Hamburg 
#4. Cook Polenta
#5. Show my man the Fishmarket here in Hamburg

Who did you miss? 
My friends - so many of them I simply do not see enough. 

What do you want to change in the apartment ?
I just bought a beautiful little marble sofa table - and now we are missing a rug for under the sofa and the little tables - I want to "define the room". Investing in a side board could be an idea as well - but that might take a little time.