04 January 2015

Happy Sunday

I think we might need some more pink in our life this year. 
Or at lest I will make an effort to add some to mine.

And I have rediscovered the darling Linda Evangelista. She looks stunning - just see.

We had the best day - today. The last day of the holiday - we have relaxed, seen some art, seen friends, visited family, had amazing meals, had too many bubbles, watched so many good movies and just lurked around the apartment this holiday for more than two weeks so a great holiday. 

But it is always a little tough to get your shit back together at the end of the holidays - so we went to the Aquarium today and watched an amazing amount of colourful fish. 
It was really amazing - though the sharks and alligators looked bored - but my man said they are fine as long as their warm, can lie around and sleep and get a nice steak every now and then.