09 December 2014

Kristina Krogh Studio // Christmas Decoration

Christmas Decoration brings the terms "trash" and "ugly shit" to a whole new level - 
people who know me - know how picky I am with what I like and what I dislike.
It has a lot to do with my profession where I have to make up my mind and decide whether or not the design is relevant in the context we are in or not. So it would be weird if I surrounded myself with stuff I didn't approve off - design wise, in my free time.

Christmas Decoration around here, is kept pretty moderate. Some very kitchy bling stuff - I do have a week spot for Robot Tree Ornaments - don't ask why.
And the classic Red and White "Nisse - decorations" have found into our december home too.

If I were to buy some new stuff - this is what I would go for.
Simple, clean and yet so sofisticated - ornaments from Kristina Krogh Studio - find them here.

And If I'd forget to take them down I am not sure anyone would mind.
Absolutely love it.