21 December 2014

Happy 4th Advent

Well things are quiet and settled down around this place.
P4 the Norwegian radio chanel has been playing all day - they keep saying that there is a really good chance that complete Norway will get snow on Christmas Eve ... Enough said! 
It was pouring down in buckets all day yesterday - we have visitors from Denmark and we had planned to head off to the beautiful Christmas Markets in Bremen but it was so hopelessly wet outside - so where did we end up: IKEA ! hahaha - well we had a nice time so I guess it's fine.

At least we hung out somewhere warm and dry. Today we will have a little Moroccan inspired Christmas Dinner and I am off to make some traditional "Bratapfel" to start off with.
We are all wrapped up to go to Munich tomorrow -
Too much luggage - as always. These things just never change - crossing fingers that every things runs smoothly tomorrow.

Have a nice 4th Advent Sunday.