03 November 2014

Moccamaster // Yellow Pepper

I write coffee with a big C ! I guess I like to nerd around with things and it has turned into an intense hobby and I spend time an energy on it because I really do care about the quality of the coffee.
I will walk miles for a great flat white - literally. When we visit new places or move to a new city it is a great way of meeting people and I have gotten to know sweet, sweet people through coffee.

We brew with an Aeropress at home and it works great - we have two so we can make some more - but lately when we have had a bunch of people over I miss something that works a little quicker. Filter Coffee is underrather - and I don't talk about pour over or cold drip but simple good old school filter coffee.
It reminds me of my childhood and Norway in the summer  - and when we visit my parents in law they swear on the "Mocca Master". I have always liked the coffee from that machine.

Recently I discovered that they make them in colour !!! This thing is a bit over my budget - but I might be putting it on my wish list for Christmas !

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