26 October 2014

Sunday List

Mention something that made you happy yesterday:  
We took the train to the Island Sylt. With the train it is around 3 hours from Hamburg. Here in Hamburg it was rainy and grey and when we arrived at the station in Sylt with our bikes, tucked into layers of woolen sweaters and winter coats it was sunny and windy and AMAZINGLY beautiful. A full day of walking at the beach - hearing sea gulls screaming and waves break at the shore, sitting on a sunny hill eating fresh fish. When it started to get too cold we had hot chocolate and whipped cream - and then walked back to the station to take the train back home. Such an amazing day which made me happy all together - spending time with my man outside at the sea which we love so much.

What were you doing at 08 this morning?  

I was on my way out on my bike to meet a friend to go to the Hamburg Fish Marked and get mussels for tonight. We had coffee and went for a stroll around this great place with fish stalls where you get the freshest fish.

What did you do 15 minutes ago?

I was watching a
Beyoncé documentary on youtube - guilty pleasures.

The last thing you said aloud?
I will start making dinner at 17:30 - I just need to find a good recipe. 

NO need to help me - I'll make it!

The last someone said to you:
Sounds great! 

What is the last thing you ate?  

Breakfast - boiled eggs in a glass with salsa verde and toasted buttered bread.

What is the last thing you bought?
Fish and mussels at the marked today.

Clothes wise a really nice navy blue 100 % Wool Sweater from Armed Angels.

What is the color of your front door?  
It is a big wooden white door! 

What is the weather like at your place now?
Very gray Sunday weather - windy and quite dark. 

Favourite ice cream flavour?  

Walnut for sure and salted caramel.

Do you sleep heavily?  
Yes - I used to think I could sleep through anything - and it could frighten me a little. You know in case something should happen. But last time I went to Paris there was a fire alarm at the hotel in the early morning and I was so relieved because completely out of an basic instinct I dressed ran out of the room - without bringing anything not even my phone ... and wento downstairs to check out on the situation. 

Do you often have nightmares?

Nope - not that I can remember.

What do you see if you look to the right?  
A very nice typography poster - which my man has hung up, a pretty lamp and a few pillows I tossed out of the sofa so I could have some more space. 

Right or left-handed?  


Favorite candy?  

Mandelstang - a Norwegian chocolate bare with mint in the middle - covered in dark chocolate and almonds. Liquorice is pretty high up on the list as well.

How many pillows do you sleep with?

One + my man. 

Morning or night person?  

Night - I think but I really like days like today where I get up early and it feels like the day is a few hours longer.

What is important to you?  

Honesty, fairness and equality.

Are you ticklish?

Yes and I hate being tickled. I HATE it.

Do you snore?  

Only when I am really tired or drunk.

Messy or tidy?  
Tidy - or more like OCD tidy. I is taking over every now and then which is not always good.

What makes you happy?  

Good conversations, surprises, my man, nice meals and time spent with friends I care about, seeing a good movie, visiting interesting exhibitions - enjoying great coffee.

What was your best subject in school?  

Languages - except Latin which I hated, Art and History.

Best vegetable?  

All sorts of mushrooms - they kick ass in everything.

What is the best thing about Sundays?

No plans except doing this which makes you happy. Long walks - coffeedates - time for cooking good meals and enjoy a good movie in the sofa.   

Amazing Sunday list borrowed from Hej Regina answers from moi! 
And a little eye candy with stuff I found lying around in the internet lately.