30 October 2014

Chia Trip on the brekfast front

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day - not that I don't enjoy a great lunch or a long and warm dinner. It is just something very subtle and simple with a good start of the day.

I grew up in a family where I am basically the only one who would eat breakfast - except on the weekends. But that is not the type of breakfast we are talking about right now. I mean the everyday - Monday to Friday get out of bed and get youself ready for work start of the day. If I don't get that I pass out - literally. I feel sick and get a headache and get very, very grumpy  Now that I am spending a lot of time on transport to get to work it is even more important that I get a decent meal before all the hectic starts.

Granola with berries and yoghurt is the standard - or porridge which often gets to heavy on me. Now a new era has begun the "Chia Era" - when it comes to food I like most of what is out there and I am pretty healthy and curious about new stuff. But I am not the person who would eat anything "just" because it's healthy. I think we have found something here which offers me quite a lot from both sides. Tasty, versatile and healthy.

This recipe quick started the whole thing -