02 September 2014

Esra Røise Wedding // Mariell's amazing photos

I guess it is kind of weird to show photos of a wedding from people you don't know.
And yes it is weird and pretty "stalker" like - but I just had too because it is so pretty and genuine.

The Photographer who took these beautiful photos is a photographer / writer and blogger I follow Mariell - a link to her blog - hjartesmil is here. 
And even more photos of the beautiful wedding at Mariell's amazing blog here.

The bride is Esra Røise - a talented illustrator.  Check her things out here. 
The wedding seems so simple, beautiful, and authentic. With focus on the good things in life. I love when people keep things down - earth bound and honest. 

I have written about Esra before - she is so talented and I honestly hope her and her sweet looking husband live happily ever after.