12 August 2014

Yuca Taco Truck // KBH

Ever since we lived in NYC we have been hunting down new taco places.
In Berlin we found a really nice taco truck and every now and then we have a taco which at least reminds us a little of the amazing ones we used to eat in NYC.

There is a new kid in town - or at least in Copenhagen.
It's called the Yuca Taco Truck - check them out on Facebook for more info.

The consept and the truck is great. The Taco Man inside the truck was really nice as well. For my taste the taco's were to meaty and oily. And why don't anyone put cilantro, white cabbage, raddish and lime in theit taco's on this side of the world? Don't get it ...

But I will come back - these things must be supported - so cool that someone has the courage to do so in Copenhagen.