31 August 2014

Sunday List

We are back in Hamburg - we came back yesterday after two weeks in the summerhouse.

It has rained most of it - it feels really weird to be back this time - I think we will need a few days too adjust again. It has been two weeks of relaxation - My man has had pneumonia - for over two weeks now and it is still not going strong so we have really had to keep thing on the low. It was nice to have time to just be - but at the same time it didn't feel like holiday because we haven't done that much for a change.

When I was little I used to make these lists - of things I wanted to do during my summer holidays they were mostly pretty long and very accurate. The definition of OCD was not quite clear to me back then but I guess this is already a quite defined stage within that disease.  I would tick off each happening or purchase or what ever along the way and I loved that feeling of having climbed to the top of the list by the end of the holidays.

This is this years list - 

1. How man museums did I visit? 
A total of three. Starting off with Gropius Bau in Berlin where we saw a really good David Bowie Exhibition.  Trappholt outside Kolding where we saw the beautiful summer house of Arne Jackobsen and an interesting exhibition on Børge Mogensen. We have been dwelling on Danish design all the holidays - it has been great !!! The last one was Kolding Hus where we saw the graduation Exhibition of the Kolding design School Master Student Graduates - I get so much energy and feel so excited when I see these graduation exhibition. Especially in Scandinavia where so much emphasize is put on presenting your things - the process and the level is really high !

2. How many times did I swim in the sea? 
5 times - and I had 2 complete beach days - such a good time even though I was all by myself. The beach at the summerhouse is pretty close to magic, so long you can see sand sand sand, very few people around and when you get hungry you just pop over to the house and get something nice and fresh  from the fridge. A minor detail was that the water was freezing cold.

3. What did I read? 
Grace - the memoir of Grace Goddington - amazing of course, three books on Utøya very sad but so very, very important! I felt like a better person after wards - and got a few extra things on my mind on topics I will take extra care off.  I also tried to finish Istanbul from Omar Pamuk but it bores me + as always a bunch of Danish Interior and Fashion Magazines.

4. Best Buy's?
I had been saving my birthday money from my family and ended up buying the Hay Table Don't leave me for our coach - we have picked up a few things for our apartment again this holiday and I bough a pair of beautiful & Other Stories leather shoes.

5. Best Burger?
We are on a mission - finding the best burger. It was a huge dilemma, would we go to heavenly hamburger in Gräfekiez or would we dare to try a new place? We decided for the last and followed what turned out to be a great tip from an Icelandic friend and went to Tommi's burger at Invalidenstrasse in Berlin - honestly it was a great atmosphere - rough and kool. Nice looking Icelandic guys flipping burger - we had Icelandic beer and a great burger with classic fries. Not a lot f fuzz just a great burger. Link to restaurant here.

6. Best Coffee?
The three new places I tried this time were SILO Coffee - link here. Concierge Coffee and 19 grams - link here. I can't decide which was best. Because they are all so incredibly good compared to the stuff I get in this city. My heart acked a bit when I left Berlin again this time. I do miss that place - the people we care so much for and we had the pleasure of seeing again and the adrenaline this city gives you when spending time there. I love visiting - love feeling home again and exploring new things. Thanks for having us and see u soon !

7. Best Dance?
Naomi & Danny's wedding !!! Great night - so much fun. 

8. Best Drink?
When you go back to places you have lived and you feel home it is so difficult to figure out where to stay. We were not having much holiday this year so we had decided to treat ourselves with a nice stay in Berlin. Hotel Michelberger was such a good idea. We have been here before - seen small intimate concerts, had beers and always wanted to stay here. One of the nights we had a drink at the bar. My man has been sick so this was the only drink we had this time. It was a great Moscow Mule for me though

9. Best Breakfast?
We visited an old friend the Cab Slam. They have moved since we were there last time. Love the new spot it is such a nice American Atmosphere - simple - international - great people watching and the food simply kicks ass. Their Huevos Rancheros are the most amazing ever. I habe never been to California but I imagine it being like this all day long.
I must admit the Breakfast Buffet at the Hotel Michelberger was not bad either. You can haunt me with Buffet I absolutely hate the concept and it is mostly soo bad ! But what met us here was homemade bread and jam - simple but great cuts and everything looked and tasted so delicious. I am glad we decided for this on our last day for now in Berlin.

10. Best new App?
This one - this is the coolest app ever ! Made by Miranda July - it is a collaboration with the fashion brand Miu Miu and the best thing about it - it is not just an idea and a film idea but you can actually download it for real. So cool !!!

This turned into a long Sunday List - good to be back though.
Have a great Sunday Night - I will fix up some Indian take out left overs from last night and crash the coach !

Have a nice week.