03 August 2014

Happy Sunday

This feels strange - haven't been in here for what feels like months.
My last post was on July the 8th. It is less than a month ago but so much has happended.
I am in a limbo - tired - really, really tired.

I am in a state of happiness, but also exhausted and reflective - I am keeping it up quite good  - I had some happenings in my family which are tough to handle but I feel we have made the best of it. And slowly we are all moving along again. At work I am pulling the line very clearly. Off to Copenhagen for CFW this week. Can't wait to go home for a few days. It will be loads of work but fun work !

Can't wait to see how the tendencies are here compared to Florence and Berlin. I feel so privileged that I can travel and see so many fairs and fashion weeks - love feeling the hype and the adrenaline that comes along with the new collections. Have a few Brands  that I am really looking forward to seeing. More about that later.

Kicking it at the office before we are off on August - trying to make ends meet at home and pushing the social button hard core as well // I need to see people - hang out and socialize. Hamburg is great in the summer. Last night we drove past the harbour at night-time, seeing the ships, the light and the cranes is breath taking ! We stumbled over this real authentic sailor bar where we had a beer at 1 in the morning and I must say there have been some good moments in Hamburg recently.

Happy Sunday -