04 June 2014

Wednesday List

# They recognize me at: Kalaset - in Copenhagen because I used to work here I guess - and YAYA's in Bremen because we have lunch here several times a week. 

# I drink: water - sounds silly but it is my favourite. Then grapefruit juice and white wine - preferably from Germany - cause they are sassy I think.
# I really want to have dinner with: my family - haven't seen them in ages.
# Best brunch: Village East in Bermondsey Street, London - had brunch here recently with great people - such a good place, with amazing interious, really nice food just don't order the müsli and forget about the staff.
# I go here to celebrate: Golem - I have only been once but I am going again soon !!! 

# Best coffee: monmouth - London, Public Coffee Roaster - Hamburg, Five Elephant - Berlin, Gimme Coffee - New York, Mellquist - Stockholm and Coutume & CK in Paris. 

# I do my lunch meetings in: Bremen by the water. 
# Best bar:Liedkoep in Copenhagen - great staff and the friends who usually drag me here are great.
# Bar order: white wine & Moscow Mule. 
# Latest find: strawberry gin thingy served with strawberry lace sweets from a great little marked in London. Ask Mimi for directions.


  # Idance to: Michael Jackson, Quadron, the radio, RnB, Hip Hop, Funk, 90' ies Pop, Dance, Spice Girls -  I think I dance to everything but Death & Heavy Metal and Rock ... 

# I start the evening: getting ready and figuring out if I even have the mental will to walk away from the sofa.
# I spend the night: at somewhere where they serve food. Had such a great night out in London - where we ended the evening with English Breakfast at 2 am while drinking prosecco at a gay place - can life get any better? I think not.


# latest purchase: please see beautiful photo below - great London bargains.

# I would want to spend more money at: COS + on the perfect coach table found at a fleamarked.
# I impulse buy: fresh flowers, nice food - and underwear.
# Latest destination: London.

# Dream destination:Tokyo, San Fransisco and Marrakesh.
# Best travel memory: this years o far has been amzing - visiting friends in Stockholm, Istanbul and London has been over the moon great. Gimme more of this - and we are going to Copenhagen this weekend !!!
# I pass travel time with: people watching, walking, walking, walking, instagram and books.
at the duty free, i usually buy:a bottle of water, make up from MAC and Biotherm. 

i borrowed this amazing list from Hjartesmil - check out her blog here.