11 June 2014

It's time for London baby !

Spending time in big cities is fun - spending time in London with my man visiting great people and not having to work and "just be" is even more fun!

The past months we have gone on a few trips - just over a weekend - seeing friends we rarely see in the cities they live in has been so much fun.

I miss my friends - this is an ongoing theme in my life, mostly I am living in a city far away from my closest friends and family. But when I see them I care for the most - it gets my heart tingle because even though I do not see my friends so often when we hook up it just kicks ass!

So let me tell you a bit about our amazing trip to London - 
Lets face it - traveling with me is a pain,  every por in my body just screams "Miss Perfection" all day long. It is getting worse the older I am getting and all the OCD jokes I have been telling for years are getting real. I just plan - and plan - and plan and can't cope with not everything being sorted out. Scared to death missing out on stuff and fuck me over if something turns out not perfect.

I hadn't planned that much this time. I had written the people I wanted us to see and booked a table for breakfast on the Sunday and then we were to sort things out when we got there. Well it was Thomas's weekend after all and you know what - it was the best ever. We didn't get to see everyone - which might be good because we are already talking about when to go again. And the best things that happened where the things we didn't plan. The sitting in the sofa, ordering pizza and watching 90'ies Tom Cruise movies - not wanting to go home when everything was closing and ending up having prosecco and breakfast in the middle of the night at a gay bar, doing the pro food marked guide with sweet sweet Alice & Mimi - eating our way through London enjoying life ! Thanks for showing us you London - it was great fun !

Here are my - go see and go do this if you are in London anytime soon.

1. Pret - I love it, we ate there like three times in three days - it is silly I know but for me that is the equivalent of a big city. Sitting at what I like to cal "The Pret" have a love bar, a bag of crisps and an egg sandwich and just people watch - that would be my kind of treat any day! 
2. The Barbican - we had lunch or cake at the food hall and we saw the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition. Go there if you like him it's not a must see - but I enjoyed it a lot and the Barbican is such an amazing place.Great architecture and atmosphere.

3. When in London have coffee, and then have coffee again  - if you happen to see a Monmouth have a Brioche with Griere and Parma ham as well. I promise you will die and go to heaven - especially if you pair it with a flat white. 

4. Eat take Away Sushi - then feel like a fool because you can't figure out how to roll the thingy's - then remind yourself that you are simply a dumb tourist but that's ok because it's fun.

5. Go to the Matisse Exhibition - at the Tate Modern. I fact if you are even just a little interested in Art you can't miss this so book a ticket right away - one of the best art exhibitions I have ever seen. Absolutely beautiful!

6. Go to food Markeds - have drinks and oysters. 

7.  Have breakfast at Village East in Bermondsey - reservere a table here. It was terrific - great place amazing food - just don't order the Müsli - but simply  everything else.