15 May 2014

ISTANBUL // Journey // Geyik

The next few days I will share some of my Istanbul moments - First out is a great place where I enjoyed breakfast a few times: Journey.

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. Journey is Hipster Heaven for sure - in an area: Cihangir which was international and young and filled with pretty and good looking Istanbul youngsters - we hung out here quite a lot because we lived here and I really loved this area.

The level of food in Istanbul is really high - if you know where to go and I love how they mix their traditional food and produce with more international influences. Journey was a great place - with kick ass homemade granola, yoghurt and grapefruit juice was everything you need to start of a good day !

Geyik a nice coffeeplace at day and coctail place at night was serving a good flat white as well. When the Turkish Barista Champion told me he knew Tim / Tim Wendelboe the Norwegian Coffee Guru as well - I was sold of course !

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