19 May 2014

FvF Apartment // Vitra // Berlin

FreundevonFreunden is one of my all time websites to get interiour inspiration - while I was sitting on the coach this Sunday - trying to cure my hangovers I saw these photos of the FvF Apartment collaboration with Vitra. I absolutely love it ! The way I understand the purpose of this place is that it is a representative place for events, shootings and workshops but also as a study "...how a creative, mobile and digitally-oriented generation lives..." The link is here - where you can read the entire article.

I got so inspired and at the moment I am on the look out for a carpet for under the coach - my friend says it so clever - I would like to "define" the coach space and we have been looking for a coach table as well and my next big thing on my wish list - hopefully someone thinks of this for my birthday is this amazing shelf - for books and maagzines.

Have a Happy Monday !