29 April 2014

"I just wanna dress like a boy from the 70's, basically."

Tavi - was 18 last week - she is somewhat of an icon in the "blogger / internet / fashion" world - this interview is old but really nice - read the complete interview here.

And you know I do like those lists - so here you go - Tavi's list:

Where are you from Chicago, IL
Who are your favorite designers Comme des Garcons, Meadham Kirchhoff, Miu Miu, more more more.
What is your style mantra How it makes you feel > how it makes you look.
Whose style do you admire Danny from The Shining.
Do steal clothes from your parents.
Spots my room, my kitchen.
Vintage is for telling stories.
Always Be My Baby.
Never Is a Promise.
I like it when men wear women’s clothes.
I like it when women wear men’s clothes.
Sometimes I wish that I could freeze time.
Lipstick makes me feel witchy.
Centre parted hair is a personal goal once I grow it out.
I’d like to be more laid-back.
American Apparel has more clothes that I want than I wish it did.
Net-a-Porter gives me anxiety.
I’m secretly addicted to so many hard drugs.
Men’s shirts with a DVD of Annie Hall so people get what you’re going for.
Sneakers rule.
The best outfit I ever wore was in my dream.
I’ll always picture myself in a tiny cottage filled with junk.
A woman who I think has the best style is Lupita Nyong’o.
My favorite color is red.
Jeans make me struggle with curling up on the couch.
Heels are for concerts if you’re short and need to be able to see.
My favourite movie is hard to pick, but I have watched The Squid and the Whale many times lately.
My next big purchase is college education.
I’m upset I threw out this ridiculous picture of Avril Lavigne with me, age 7 or so, photoshopped in. I tried to convince my friends it was real.
I want to be like a happy dog.
Everyday I wake up achey.
I regret wearing #noregrets
Where I live people dress like they use Tumblr.
Everyone should wear more Mormon-y skirts.
I never want to see the inside of my middle school again.
One thing I couldn’t live without is a journal.
Start the day off with Julie Klausner’s podcast.
I’ve never seen Inception. Relax.