13 April 2014

Erste Liebe Bar // Hamburg

Exploring Hamburg is nice when the weather is turning warmer - even though we were knocked out by this week we still managed to see some good people and places this weekend.

We went on a spontaneous bike ride with a good Hamburg Local - all the way to Wilhelmsburg which felt a little like Kreuzberg, had some really good Turkish food and enjoyed seeing some authentic Hamburg. The best part was for real the great view on our way back over the harbor and driving our bikes through the old "Elbe Tunnel" which is a under water tunnel - over 100 years old - with elevators for the cars - so stunning architecture  ! Check it out if you are in Hamburg.

We started the Saturday - checking out a nice bar / cafe called: Erste Liebe. If you are a coffee snob like us then skip the coffee and enjoy some homemade lemonade instead. It's really nice, good magazines and great cakes. Definitely going here again.