18 April 2014

Camilla Pihl // Kaffefuglen // Tokyo

A blog I have been following for many years now is Camilla Pihl. She is a beautiful Norwegian, mostly the blog is a bit too perfect and "rosey" for my taste - but every now and then I check it out and today I was glad i did. Because I found this little treat - Do yourself a favor and check out her blog here.

One of my favourite coffee places in Oslo is Kaffefuglen - in Universitetsgata. I knew they had a smaller sister in Tokyo and this is for sure a must go if I ever get the chance to go to Tokyo !!! Camilla is there at the moment and her photos are always stunning - just take a look. This place in Oslo is a long and narrow space with beautiful 50 and 60'ies furniture and lamps - I even think you can buy all the interiour or something. This place is great for coffee and while you sit and indulge and just enjoy the great people watching it often ends up being pretty late and people start popping by for drinks - it's a bar at nighttime - The cocktails are pretty darn good as well.

Just look - so nice !