20 January 2014

The Barn / Berlino / Karen Sofie

In the interesting world of blogs - there is a pretty sweet person called Karen Sofie - we have had some email contact over the past year and discovered that we have a few things in common. When she moved back to Berlin some time ago we even pushed the line and decided to meet. Long Story short - she is a pretty sweet little lady and I was so happy I managed to squeeze in a little coffee date on my last trip to Berlin. Even better she has a blog full of nice photographs and is a just as big coffee nerd as me so enjoying a good coffee at the barn was really neat. Do yourself a favour and check out her blog: Dokumenterne. 

On the photo beyond she just captured my spirit perfectly, when "Scandi's" get together the level of themes and word flow is just something unique. Thanks for a few nice hours. See you soon :)  

Photos taken by Karen Sofie / Link to blog here.