07 January 2014

Munich // 3 new favourites

1. La Taqueria Milagros - going to Munich - basically means going through all my new discoveries - where and what to eat. On top of my list this time was a new Taco place just across my old school. It's an American who paired with up with a few Mexicans I believe - and they are making great taco's - it was delicious and the place is so much worth a visit. We had Tacos and Tortillas with so nice guacamole and really nice mint lemonades. So please do drop by if you happen to pass by. Get more info here. All Photos are borrowed from La Taquerias Milagros Homepage.

2. Lenbachhaus - we have been waiting for ages for the renovation to be done - at least so it seems. But Norman Foster's new masterpiece was for sure worth waiting for. In the meantime we have enjoyed Kunst Bau - and I still think this is one of the greatest exhibition spaces but I really enjoyed the new golden box. Munich always blows my mind with it's great art exhibitions and this time we squeezed in Haus der Kunst and Lenbachhaus and it was such a great pleasure to see the proud house with great pieces from Olafur Eliasson, Erwin Wurm, Joseph Beuys, Sol LeWitt and Kandinsky, Wolfgang Tillmans. I will come back for sure. We even enjoyed a real nice lunch in the Restaurant - this is not really a part of the museum and I think you can sense that a little when you take a closer look at the interior. But the food was good and it was a nice place to take a little break people watching all the pretty people visiting the museum that day. Get more info here. 

3. Hamburgerei - we are fan of burgers. This place had a pretty good burger. It was a little to full of extra stuff, some might like that - I just prefer a simple burger no so much fuss. But I must admit that the Burger was good, the fries were a little boring so next time the Burger on it's own will do and I will ask them to leave out all the grease because the plain burger was more than enough to keep me happy. The interior was hideous but they played real nice music and the staff was super friendly. It seemed like you just popped by some friends who happened to be flipping burgers - this was real nice. And it's just around the corner from Lenbachhaus so why not join the two? Get more info here.