25 January 2014

Closed - Floor Long Bomber Jacket !

The German company Closed is not so much my thing but they make some pretty nice stuff once in a while. And this style made my tummy tickle real big.  
It will be available online soon and it is from their new collection and it for sure too kool for this world. Sitting in the kitchen while my man is wipping up a Coq au Vin for some of our friends tonight. May there be Red Wine and Coq au Vin for the people - next week will be busy and I can't wait to go to Copenhagen for a real doze of Fashion Week again. 
Winter has arrived in Hamburg and I was freezing today while I was out. Therefore I am happy that people are coming over to our place tonight and we don't have to go anywhere. 

Happy Saturday - take care out there in the cold.