15 December 2013

The Sunday List

It's been a while since we did these lists. 
I like reading them myself and they are fun to fill out especially when it yet again is too late and I have been blogging in my mind a few times already during the day but just did not have the ease to get it done. So here we go. A little Sunday List for you guys. 

What is the prettiest you know?
Blue and Black worn together, The Airport Sofa by Arne Jacobsen,  Egon Schieles Drawings, a good coffee from Double Eye on a autumn day. 

What qualities do you appreciate the most in people? Open mindedness, humor, good cooking skills.

What qualities do you dislike the most in others?  Egoism, Impoliteness, Arrogance.

How long will you continue to blog?
No idea - if this December Blues continues for much longer probably not that long. Until it makes no more sense and I don’t have the need anymore to share my thoughts on this and that I guess. 

If you had to choose one spice, which you were to use for the rest of your life, which one would it be? Nutmeg. It is so fine, hard to define, does not take over any of the other flavors  but simply support the other players. I like that. 

Who would play you - if your life became a movie?
A good mix of Lena Dunham + Beyonce - a surreal mix … 

What is the soundtrack of your life?
The first thing that came to my mind was - No Diggity with Black Street - which is basically self-explanatory … I guess I just always wanted to live in a 90’ ies hip hop music video. 

Favourite Nickname?
Die Kleine Norwegerin. I am not small - I am not even 100% Norwegian - but that is the essence of how I feel very often - like a lost small Norwegian. 

When do you think life sucks? 
Sunday evening … I need to sleep if I am to survive tomorrow …

When do you love to live?
Saturday Morning - when I wake up early, get up and make the perfect scrambled eggs paired with a good coffee and enjoy it with my man without having any plans. When I sit at Pret laughing with a friend I have not seen in ages. When I bike around Copenhagen on a earls summer morning after a night out with the girls. 

Who is the koolest person you know?

Coco from Quadron. 

Have a good week - hope you are more filled with Christmas Tingles than I am.