01 December 2013

Bon Iver at AIR Studios

This is my sunday - 1st. of Advent gift for you guys.
A beautiful piece of work from Bon Iver.

My week was really tough - I was traveling for work and I had the theme: "damage control" pretty much every day. It was fun and I love my job but it was pretty darn tough this time. I had a 1 hour stop over in Munich on my way back and my mum made my day by spontaneously dropping by. We had coffee - talked and it was such a great end of the week getting a real mum hug.

We have a small wine bar just next to our flat - I grabbed a cab back from the airport and stumbled inside this place when I got home and even though it was late and the kitchen was actually closed they made me a pizza with blue cheese and onions - and I got a nice glass of wine with it too - with every sip I could feel my shoulder going down into place.

My saturday was spent in christmas hectic - trying to sort out some presents. Managed a few and a I just wrapped up a special surprise advent calendar for someone special who is away for the weekend but when he gets home tonight I am sure he will be thrilled :)

Make sure you relax - this weekend, december will be mental :)
But don't forget to enjoy this time a year as well.