05 December 2013

Baby it's cold outside

It is pretty stormy weather here in Hamburg. In a rush we had to leave the office today - we got a ride into Hamburg and the trains were only going sporadicly so it was pretty darn sweet that someone offered us a ride in a safe car. Just a pity that we had a small Christmas - Bowling - maybe even some karaoke singing in the end - thing going on. Well I guess that wasn't suppose to happen anyways. Things at work has been really hectic - I tend to forget how stressed everything is just before Christmas. So getting a half day off seamed like a good idea - but I spent it answering emails on my BlackBerry and stressing about what I wouldn't get done at the office ... Well the Storm is here - nothing to do about it. 

Take care out there. If you like the sign - it's done by these swedes - find it here.