22 September 2013

Yunikue / Hamburg

If you don't know what to do with your last monetos this months - get up and support these guys.

Bumped into one of the founders last week, Joschi - and it was great fun hearing him talk very passionately about his company: Yunikue which was founded together with some of his friends.

There is a lot of hard work, passion and believe behind this idea and topped of with a good sense of aesthetics I think they have created a pretty darn good product with features that for sure makes my heart beat a little faster. A Bag which can be worn in a various ways with well thought through details. I spent some time checking out their blog and their website and this company has a been on a long journey already - now deciding to go back to their roots and focus on a core product. A very interesting but definitely a challenging one if I may say so.

The latest step for these guys has been creating a Startnext project - and they could need a bit of support because high ambitions cost some money. Check it out for yourself at Startnext - here. Great stuff !!!

Photos and Movie Clip borrowed from here and here