17 August 2013

// Thoughts //

The last post on the blog was 8 days ago - I blog when I feel like it, and apologizing for the lack of recent posts make no sense no longer. I am not feeling guilty - or at least I am trying not to. This is my diary I guess - it is where I place things I feel like sharing. One of the questions I have been thinking a lot about lately is - what are my hobbies ? The only thing I can think of is this blog.

For sure - being with friends, eating good food, going to museums, finding new places to have decent coffee, traveling, flipping through magazines and reading blogs might be hobbies too but isn't that more just a way of living and spending ones time? I don't know - ificouldchoose is my hobby - now it is official.

Had the best day ever today - woke up late next to my man. Still full and really happy from yesterdays surprise fish dinner with my parents. Thanks for passing by. Ate eggs and drank coffee with my man - and followed him to the train - it felt like in a movie waving at him when the train started to go. It was kind of nice because I know I will see him again in just a few days - then I watched two semi bad movies and now I will make dinner - spinach with fish sticks and watch another movie.

By the way -  I think this will be one of the first blog posts without any visual material.