07 August 2013

Happy List

I am looking forward to these things in the near future / this blog needs a bit of positive energy - here we go:

#1 Sipping fresh brewed coffee at the terrace wearing nothing but a big t-shirt dipping my toes in the sun - a whole week at the Summerhouse. We are so lucky - here we come Denmark, family, good food and nice people.
#2 Swimming in the sea, saltwater in my hair and sand everywhere. No matter how the weather is - I hereby swear I will swim every day !
#3 Driving a car again - feeling free - no plans just us on 4 wheels.
#4 My birthday is coming up - biking around in Berlin and sipping Champagne at Victoria Park with my man in the evening - having a nice day out. I love birthdays.
#4 Moving to Hamburg - finally living with my man again - falling asleep and waking up together every single day - exploring a new city.
#5 Shakespeare in the Park - getting to know the last of Bremen - you sure how some nice side effects.
#6 Eating with close friends in Copenhagen in a few days, seeing old friends, hanging out with people who know me better than myself and just being again.
#7 Having the chance to see the Henrik Vibskov Exhibition - happy happy happy !!!
#8 Paris in a few weeks - no words needed.