03 June 2013

Monday List

Hello there -

I haven't been in here for some time. Weeks have flown away and even though I would have loved to sit down and catch up with you guys I just didn't get to it.
My monday list!

What day is today? 
Monday but I have been off - so it feels like a very nice long sunday ... 

Divide your day into three crucial episodes.
1. Had breakfast with my Danish Family - I spent the weekend in Norway at my Dad's house and my Danish family was there on a visit. Enjoyed seeing my grand parents again. 
2. Flew home to Bremen - with Ryanair. The shittiest airline in the Universe. 
3. Had freshly made rhubarb pie on the balcony with a pretty sweet roommate. 

What are your plans for the evening?
Watch bad american tv series in german - drink coffee, finish this list and go to bed early. 

Say two favourite expressions?
So geil, The Brems. 

What will you have for breakfast tomorrow? 
Greek yoghurt with melon sprinkled with almonds and granola and a cup of english breakfast tea with milk. 

What compliments make you happy?
That I am caring and positive. 

Who do you miss?
My man, my friends and my everyday life in Berlin 

What have you been good at lately?
Getting up, staying strong, sitting it through and telling myself this will get easier. Being nice to people who are seriously mean and keeping a cool head in hectic situations - I wrote this a few months ago - it is still exactly the same ... 

What do you wish for?
Some time off - the chance to travel. 

What do you think is funny?
My brother ... 

What was the best movie you last saw? 
What Richard Did - so well played. Gave me the shivers. 

What are you making for dinner tomorrow?
Green Asparagus, salad and fired halloumi cheese - at least that is the plan.  

Who are you in love with?
Starts with a T and ends with Toll!

What have you been planning to do, but have not done yet?
Getting a tight grip around my so called life. 

What are you dreading?

What will you do this weekend?
Kiss, have a nice coffee or two, enjoy a long breakfast and kiss a little bit more.