06 June 2013

// A few Hamburg favourites //

Here are a few of my Hamburg favourites. 
I am so pleasantly surprised about this great city - will be back soon again - really like Hamburg a lot. 

*1 Cafe Johanna - here - fell across this great little pearl of a place at Venus Berg - The staff and what seemed to me to be the owner were amazingly sweet. The food superb and the interiour - just down my alley. We sat outside - enjoyed the warm weather and the fact that our hipster radar was working and we stumbled upon this great place by accident. 
Please check it out when you are near by - Just see the photo !

*2 A sweet friend of mine took me on a buss ferry trip in Hamburg last time I visited - it is basically the public buss ferry to Finkenwerder ! Such a cheap treat and the sights are amazing - the trip through the harbor watching those monster ships is unreal and is for sure one of my Hamburg favourites. 

*3 Koralle Bar at SKt. Pauli with Thomas & Andreas and plenty of shots was great fun. I am uncertain if I can recommend it without the full combination - but it was a geeat night for sure. 

*4 Fischereihafen - here - I do enjoy a great meal. And I do a enjoy restaurants who know what they are doing - the fish, the view, the staff and the atmosphere was absolutely brilliant. It also enjoyed that I did not have to pay the check - because it is for sure an expensive adventure - but so worth it. 

*5 Herr Max - here - get a cake, if you are as picky as me leave the coffee ! Cute place - great cookies ! If anyone have some coffee spots in Hamburg - do tell. Elbgold can not be the single place, I am certain there are other places.