26 May 2013

The Hate Destroyer the Documnetary film

Many months ago I showed a short clip called the Hate Destroyer - a film on Irmela who is dedicating much of her time to remove racist tags, sticker and slogans around the city of Berlin.
When people are so dedicated and take their surroundings so seriously it fascinates me. We all have a big responsibility to make this place a better one - and the small things count just as much.

I was approached a few days ago if I could post another little clip - because they have founded a crowd surfing campaign to support the documentary of Irmela.

Take a look at the teaser - if you feel like supporting here is the link. Don't worry the page is in Finnish but if you scroll down there is an English translation too.

The Hate Destroyer - TEASER from Fotogramma25 on Vimeo.