01 May 2013

Starlet - Sunday Movie Feeling

I had the nicest past few days.
My man was here for almost an entire week. We fell asleep together, woke up together, ate dinner together, talked and spent time together as the couple we are trying to be. We see each other far too little at the moment but when we see each other I have butterflies in my tummy and I realize how lucky we are because we are so certain about each other. He left today but I am off tro my second home Berlin this weekend so there we will see each other again.
We watched this movie - the other day and it was such a pleasant surprise - didn't know anything about it - but honestly the two main characters were strong, the story easy but nice and the light in was absolutely fabulous. Work is fun at the moment - crazy but fun. Had the past two days off so tomorrow will be crazy - next week I am off again travelling to Turkey - I can't wait - have a nice sunday !