09 April 2013

Tuesday List

What day is today? 
Tuesday, around 11.00pm.

If you were an emoji, which one would you be? 
The Scream.

Divide your day into three crucial episodes.
Fought my way out of bed.
Had a pretty hectic meeting - which in a way was both a relief but also pretty heavy for the head and the emotions.
Almost had a panic attack but was saved my the worlds best colleague. 

What are your plans for the evening?
I will write this list, then jump into the shower and hopefully wash my headache away. I just realized that I didn't have time to eat my packed lunch today so it will be waiting for me tomorrow - normally I would make one, no there is no need. Answer the sweetest message on facebook. Call the best man ever and say good night. 

Say two favourite expressions?
schön, skumfidus

What will you have for breakfast tomorrow? 
Yoghurt with kiwi sprinkled with almonds and granola a cup of english breakfast tea and a glas of grapefruit juice.

What compliments make you happy?
When people say that I look happy and positive - when I am complimented about doing my job well. 

Who do you miss?
My man, my friends who live where I haven't spend time in what feels like years. But London, Stockholm and Copenhagen I am freaking coming - soon !!!

What have you been good at lately?
Getting up, staying strong, sitting it through and telling myself this will get easier. Being nice to people who are seriously mean and keeping a cool head in hectic situations ( not all the time but sometime) Trying stuff I never tried before. 

What do you wish for?
More everyday time with my man. That I will feel good enough and feel that I am managing my situation quite well. 

What do you think is funny?
My dog. 

What was the best movie you last saw? 
Anna Karenina - seriously Keira kicked ass, so amazingly beautiful made. 

What are you making for dinner tomorrow?
German Spinach Bratwurzt and potatoes. I need some meat. 

Who are you in love with?
My man, there is no one in the world that makes me tingle more. 

What have you been planning to do, but have not done yet?
Going to London !!! Improving that French - folding my laundry.

What are you dreading?
My headacke. 

What will you do this weekend?
Have Croque Monsier with great people, make potatoe pizza, cuddle with my man, laugh a lot !

List was adjusted quite alot but I originally I found them here and here